Red Heat

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Description: There are plenty of films like this out there, many of them aren't very good, and this one isn't very good either. To sum this film up in a nutshell; it's basically a voice over, a very thin plot and loads of sex scenes. There's really not a lot going on in this film, and the sex scenes aren't all that interesting either; which kind of made me wonder why I bothered watching it. The plot actually sounds quite interesting as it revolves around a mystery in Hollywood, but since the plot doesn't really figure; it's not very interesting. The sex scenes are, unfortunately, about as good as the rest of the film in that they're not very erotic. In fact, the sex scene quota mostly just consists of blow jobs and not much else. The film does have one saving grace; that being the fact that the running time is only just over an hour; any longer and Red Heat may have become torturous. This film may appeal to some fans of this sort of stuff - but it didn't do much at all for this one, and since it's completely obscure; I wouldn't recommend anyone bothers trying to track it down.
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