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Description: Imported hardcore with a sense of humor. Some scenes are quite revolting, however. As a general rule, humor and hardcore don't keep company. The funnier the explicity, the less erotic the film. But this Dutch import manages to combine generous amounts of both elements. Seems a good bet for hardcore situations. Essentially, the Lasse Braun production takes a humorous behind-the-scenes look at the making of a hardcore loop. A pompous, blustery director (portrayed by Braun himself) directs two guys and an unusually attractive femme (Brigitte Maier) in a futile effort to mount an anal sex act involving all participants. (A fast-paced cartoon by great French satirist SINE' builds up the audience for the shocking sequences to come.) Scenes of the hardcore set are interspersed with bawdy vignettes involving other cast characters. One is a sendup of Casanova on the prowl; the second takes a ribald look at clerics and cops. The last one involves a mini-orgy on some forsaken beach in which the participants slobber gooey cakes all over each other. Revolting. Pic's original title, incidentally, was 'Penetration.'