Junkyard Dykes

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Description: Lacey Rose runs a junkyard full of lesbian’ girls. In her stable of hot lesbians are such hard working ladies as Misty Rain, Beverly Glen and Nicole London. Lacey starts off the day by rescuing Valaria and Vixxen from their bucket of bolts, which has broken down by the side of the road. She gives them the kind of roadside service all discriminating lesbians should look for in a towing service. Then Lacey goes back to the junkyard and confronts Misty and Beverly about their slacking off on the job. A no-holds-barred fight ensues and all three end up making up on the bumper of one of the wrecks in the yard. Then Nicole and Sally Layd make use of some homemade sex toys for a little DP play out among the rusting hulks. This is serious lesbian porn made by women for women, and proves that when it comes to pure decadence, nothing beats a lady’s touch.