Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 88

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Description: More color ’60s love-in, as a mutton-chop mutt goes down on a creamy, pert-breasted brunette...While a pair of brunettes have a hot dog luncheon... And two scruffy hunks make a pick-up of a lanky pixie-haired brunette! Later, a pert-breasted long-tressed blonde is joined by her cute boyfriend and a zaftig brunette for three-way fun... And a lanky, pretty brunette gets a tongue lashing from a dark-haired, scruffy bed partner. A cute, slender brunette in Fredrick’s attire gets loving attention from her sideburned hunk... While, later, a tan-line, curvy brunette tuugs off her slacks and has oral fun with a candle till a tatooed sleaze comes along to wet his wick!