Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 1

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Description: It is my pleasure to be your guide, for strictly scholarly reasons, into the recent past of underground, independent filmmaking - since Sundance wasn't around when these flicks were shot. We begin with a serious look at alternative lifestyles, as two dark-haired dolls explore their lesbian leanings...And, in Jenny's Bald Ball, a sorta cute, bosomy blonde shares her shaved pussy with a sideburned stud! Later, a cute blonde straddles her cut blonde boyfriend's stiff member...And a two-boy, two-girl sex fest unfurls at a porn shoot in a film-within-a-film!... A very cute cupcake-breasted brunette services a stud in jockey shorts. She's got a great mouth! Another attractive couple go at it - she's a pale brunette, he's a tanned blonde...And a nicely bosomy exotic miss entertains herself and the camera!