Fuk Fuk A Brasileira

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Description: FUK FUK A BRASILEIRA (aka FUK FUK THE Brazilian) is a goofy piece of South American sleaze that should be a bit more appealing to the "average" exploitation/porn fan. Eschewing many of the typical 80s-era Brazilian porn entrapments (namely the common graphic depictions of guy-on-guy sex) - FUK FUK is a bit more "universal" slice of un-PC sleaze that is sexy, trashy, and truly funny at the same time. FUK FUK (played by mini-Brazilian porn-star Chumbinho) is a freaky-deaky little guy with a crate full of dildos who has a knack for finding his way out of and getting himself into some sticky situations. Whether it involves flushing himself down a toilet to escape a jealous husband, stealing a passerby's umbrella as a disguise, putting a dildo on his foot to pleasure a housewife, having his dick almost cut off with hedge-clippers, whacking-off while staring at a statue while looking through a hole in a piece of wood, jerking-off to a poster of Marilyn Monroe and then toying with a giant penis statue that shoots a ginormous load in his face, or inexplicably shooting fireworks out of his ass - FUK FUK is here to please... Yet again, I have zero idea what the hell FUK FUK A BRASILEIRA is actually about. The plots of pretty much all of these Brazilian hardcore/exploit films make absolutely no sense to me. What I can tell you, is that FUK FUK is one of the "lighter", more ridiculously bizarre, and more entertaining pieces of Brazilian trash-cinema that I've seen. If you think that you'd dig an unintelligible film about a midget getting caught in a bunch of sexually compromising situations, then you'll probably like this one. I know I did...I think