Rugged Men

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Description: This low-rent, hardcore version of a kinky Kenneth Anger film contains three sexual vignettes. The first, "Fright," is set in the pre-gentrified Hudson River docks area of Greenwich Village. Filled with all kinds of now-forbidden sexual acts, the film begins with a cop arresting a young man for hustling. He takes him to an abandoned building where he, and his cop buddy, tie up the big-balled stud and proceed to have some really rough sex. There is even a scene where a night stick is rammed into the guy's willing rectum -- police power never looked so hot! The next story, "Nightmare," has a straight man falling off to relax only to have "nightmares" of torrid gay sex -- from bondage, testicle torture, leather and even fisting. It's a wonder he ever wakes up. The final scenerio, "Birthday," has a man receiving a human birthday present. He plays nice in this water-sports and all sex romp.