Defending Your Sex Life

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Description: This Kelly O'Dell defines the word "cute." In Defending Your Sex Life, she finds herself in some sort of limbo land where two voices (each trying its best to sound like Stan Freberg) tell her she's been a bad girl, and to prove it, show her tapes of herself and her neighbors. Does this mean that die afterlife has adult bookstores which still rent? Kelly is shown herself with guy-in-law Tom Chapman; best friend Sierra does the bouncy-bouncy with Kelly's fiance, Steve Drake; Kelly shows neighbors Woody Long and Celeste just how to do "it." Celeste is the newcomer of the show, a buxom (natural, I think) brunette with an enticingly sexy grin. Her girl/girl scene with cute Christina Appeleigh is also the best thing in this feature. The action is better than the story or dialogue (it wouldn't be difficult to accomplish this) and the fact that none of the girls have yet been over-exposed should help move this show off the shelves. She's hot and looks great on the box.