Teenage Games

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Description: When Mummy is away the girls will play... With themselves and just about everyone else. Lori and Sue are girls who are hungry for something hot and tasty, so... Lori calls the pizza parlor. But when Ted, the delivery man, arrives he brings more than just pizza to eat... he brings old friends along also. Jealousies flare up and the fun begins. What starts out like a soap opera ends up in a wild orgy. However, Mummy is not gone long and when she returns everyone panics. What will she do when she discovers what's been going on? It doesn't take long to find out. She simply goes to bed with Ted, the delivery man. Even Mummy needs a little action now and then. The sex comes hot and heavy in this quickly paced film, which includes a large cast that is sure to keep your interest peaked. Teenage Games is a story of jealous lovers and the games they play.